Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Spooner's Eclipse"

"Spooners' Eclipse"
This beautiful family united on the sands of Spooner's Cove, Montana De Oro on April 14th, 2014.
This couple could not have created a more elegant and sophisticated wedding ceremony. 
Never have I witnessed a "simple beach wedding" become a simply gorgeous event. 
This family created a flawless , loving and elegant wedding gathering on such a beautiful evening.
The bride herself , was the picture of elegance and simplicity. 
Every detail from her gorgeous gown, 
to her glowing smile gleamed of elegance . As you will find, these portraits shine of the elegance.
The night ending on a gorgeous eclipse as I am sure 
they witnessed together.

Shoes of Blue...
 Sister's by her side...

These two handsome boys become brothers on this day...
Gorgeous bouquets of orchids and orange roses...

 Congratulations to this beautiful couple and family, 
as you unit as one...
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This is only the "Sneak Peak" There are so many more amazing photographs to come ! 
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rainy Days Bring Beautiful Wedding Days

 This cute and fun loving couple 
planned their wedding day to be amongst only their best men 
and best women on the edge 
of the cliffs of Moonstone Beach. 
When the day came, so did the rain. 
As we stepped out of the car and the rain poured 
with over 20 MPH winds, this amazing and brave young couple 
still decided to share their vows of love for one another, 
rain or shine for better or worse. 
We stood on the cliffs, a short and sweet ceremony 
~ a moment only for them~  Justin and Sierra willing, wet, shivering and 
smiling still had their beautiful ceremony. 
Wow, what a dedicated and very loving and patient couple. 
Congrats to you both ! 
So happy to have witnessed such a spectacular moment, one I will never forget
 and may all that rain bring you much luck 
for you both now and for the rest of your lives....
Love and aloha always ....

Special Thanks to this 
beautiful couple for choosing
Sea-Green Photography to share their 
beautiful day as well as and Pismo Beach Weddings for 
allowing this incredibly special day take place,
rain or shine, we are here to "capture your art"

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter welcomes love to set sail

An intimate affair ......This loving couple set sail on the windy coasts of the Central Coast....
.....what a windy triumph as
this beautiful couple shared their written vows 
amongst one another in the presence of 
a few friends and some amazing weather at sunset.....
Congratulations to Craig and Michelle
for making an amazingly memorable day in the month of December...
I like to call it " winds on the water" because despite the winds, despite the cold, these two were determined to set sail in the winds of love with one another.....
Bless these two beautiful beautiful people as they embark upon their lives together.....
December 20th, 2013 !!!

Gotta' love those angels....

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amber marley

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Chablis Bliss of Love

December Rains Brings a Lovely Gathering.... 
A Wedding on the Bay Cruise 
What an amazing and lovely gathering of beautiful family, friends and ocean enjoyment on this
Day in December on the Bay.......

This amazingly handsome couple turned this afternoon affair into a dancing boat cruise.....with seals, birds and the activity on the bay made for an experience of a lifetime....a lifetime to come of their love and marriage with one another...Congratulations to this fun loving couple, family and friends who traveled distances to join together on the Chablis Cruises in Morro Bay, CA...December 7th, 2013 ! 

Thank you again for choosing Sea-Green Photography to capture your day, love and style......

What a special moment, when this gentlemen dropped his cain to dance with this beautiful bride....
Special Thanks to the crew on the Chablis....

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